About the company

We develop and manufacture new products to meet our curstomers needs and fashion trends, and keep up with constant technical innovation in the areas of use, quality and respect for the environment.

Our core business is developing and manufacturing specialist and other chemicals for the leather tanning and finishing industry, and raw material for footwear products and leather goods.

We manufacture our own product range, for which reason we can provide an excellent technical and sales service as regards its features and uses. We work closely with our customers to offer them highly personalised, competitive productes.


New article development XX

Article:  Nappa soft for shoe upper 841-1113-WE Leather type: Cow WB        Thickness :   1.3-1.4 Recommended for: Shoe and bags Products used in the recipe:  Sertan NBR Seroil WPH  Sertan RC Sertan FLG  Sertan VGS Seradye Red RN     … Continued

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New developments

News retanning products development

QUIMSER is developing news retanning products:   Sertan PNT and Sertan DPD   Sertan PNT: Is a retanning based on vegetal and syntans with high and fast penetration.   Sertan DPD: Is a dispersing and dye-levelling agent, which makes easier … Continued

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